Let me explain.

While I love creating wedding films,
I don't love how predictable and run-of-the-mill they can be.

So, I like to break the rules. And I do things a little differently.

Want to know how?



You won't see a one-dimensional, formulaic trend running through each one. Or music, footage, and editing that boxes you in.

What you will find?

A combination of unpredictable footage and carefully selected music. And an honest narrative jam-packed with originality—every single time.

Let's just say I like what I do. But I do what I like. ​​​​One look at my films, and you'll see that right away.




“Not only did he make me feel more comfortable due to his full confidence in his work, but he exceeded my expectations by a landslide.”

So rest assured that with me, your memories and your film are in good hands.

After more than a decade as a local TV reporter, I had an itch to do more with my life. Purpose, values, and meaning called. And I answered.

Two years ago, I filmed a wedding with a photographer friend. Which was an incredible experience. I loved being a part of it. And I couldn't turn back.

Given the technical skills and experience, I got working in the news, filmmaking is something I'm undeniably good at. And with my enthusiasm for life and heart to serve others- it's something I'm incredibly passionate about too.




He introduced himself with a captivating energy and passion for his work. I knew the style and energy was exactly what we were looking for in a wedding video.

“After viewing Sean's previous work, I could immediately recognize the joy behind the camera.”

So, I'll not only make space for you to create and enjoy your memories, but I mean it when I say that I'm cool with whatever is good for–and cool–with you. 

Some videographers get so caught up (read: stressed) in the ins and outs of the day. They turn your wedding day into a production and somehow miss the mark on what this day is all about.

Not me.

I'll capture your real moments without overpowering them. (i.e., I won't get up in your face, and I won't make you feel awkward.) And because I know how to read you and the energy in the room, I'll communicate and adapt to whatever the day brings—with a positive attitude and a calming, encouraging vibe.

As an easygoing and upbeat guy, this comes pretty naturally to me. And as a former TV reporter, this is something I've mastered.

See, my plans and hard work were constantly debunked as I was called to the next big story. And I had to learn to take things in stride and go with the flow - no matter what. I now apply those skills to the inevitable and sometimes stressful changes on a wedding day.




“My fiancé and I aren't the most comfortable in front of the camera, but Sean's style is low pressure, and the video he creates will be so fun to look back on!”

Instead, they look and sound like music and film.

I believe time machines do exist. But they don't look like DeLoreans.

And I believe time machines do exist. But they don't look like DeLoreans.

It’s my company, after all. The Shepherd grew out of a love for connecting with people. I can’t get enough. I just can’t. Extroverted doesn’t cover it. Fortunately, I love to balance all that peopling with reading books, playing music, lifting weights (brotein) and ascending into a wedding film editing grind. All while supercharged by Red Bull (they sponsor me) (no they don’t). Are summer nights possible every night? Asking for a me. Also, I just got my passport redone so. You know what to do.

I have to talk about myself.

by Sean Franklin

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Let's create something
different together,
Shall we?