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I bring a lifetime of building connections, embracing big
 ideas, and using my passion for life to serve others.

So, you can rest easy knowing that you'll not only
 receive the highest quality film,
you'll get the highest quality experience too.



I'll take your moments and emotions and creatively set them to words, sounds, and music. And as I fold in the beauty and details of your day, I'll be sure and include you as the main character and primary focus —from start to finish.



When your day arrives, I'll show up with a smile and an open mind. As I search for and capture the big & small, heartfelt and hilarious, and planned and unplanned moments, I'll never stop looking out for you and your experience.  



Tell me about you, your wedding and what you hope to get out of your film! I love getting to know you throughout this process. Because that is the #1 way I can create a film that resonates and reflects YOU.  



Here's How it Works:


He was very attentive with us before the wedding and asking us questions to get to know us to personalize the video. We will cherish our wedding video for many, many years!

​​​​​​​“Sean went above and beyond everything that we could’ve imagined for our wedding video​​​​​​​!”


THE Goods

I don't really have a set time for any of this, I'm
just going to keep piecing together the best
moments until the film is finished. This is the
main course--and it's a hearty meal along with a
work of art. It's all the stuff you'll want to
remember. I use the best gear you can buy
because I have a problem and the solution is
buying cameras. For real. But I'm even more
dedicated to making sure you get what you
deserve–the film of a lifetime.

The Film

All day, every day, baby. There are no hour
limits. I’m not going to come to you at the end
of the night to see if you want me to stay a
little longer for a few hundred extra. That’s
built in, and I take it seriously. Most of the
time, I’m around long after you’re gone. I’ve
been known to show up at after parties too—
but most of the time that footage is classified…

The Coverage

One of best things I offer is having a second
videographer with me. Whoever is with me is
someone I trust—someone who’s proven
they’re top-notch at what they do. I may even
bring in someone to fly the drone or someone
who’s only focused on social media videos. My
team is strong, and I should know—I hired
them. They’re almost more talented than I
am… but let’s not get carried away here.


There’s so many, honestly, there’s really nothing
I can’t offer. Every edit under the sun. One of the
coolest things I dig most is being there for the
rehearsal dinner. So many times, someone at the
wedding comes up to me and is like, ‘Hey, you
should’ve been there last night—his toast was
awesome.’ I love being there to catch whatever
your friends and family come up with to start
the weekend. That way, the film is 100x better.

The Extras

I create high-quality, engaging films that grab your attention.
And an incredible opportunity not just to relive the moment
but to make it like you never left.

Make it like you never left

collections start at $3200

A huge storm blew through this wedding. No joke. Austin and Alysa didn't seem to mind at all. That's just who they are.

Austin & Alysa

You know how there are some people that make a room buzz with energy? Sean and Amber do that–and it's infectious. Even the diarrhea joke. 


Everett hears it all the time: Yes, he parachutes out of planes for a living. Yes, it's cool. So it only made sense he dove into a football game to ask Crystal to marry him.

Crystal & Everett

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